Ashley Shine Tint My Brows Gel (swatches)


Hi! I’m not really good in writing or blogging so please be kind to me! Char! So anyway, I went to a department store in Cubao the other day to buy some cheap makeup and look at what I found… AS Tint My Brows Gel! It only cost Php68.00. The shades are #1 (light brown), #2 (medium brown), and #3 (dark brown). Since it’s cheap, I bought all the shades!



And look! It comes with 3 eyebrow shape guides in each box!


Here are the swatches when I applied the gel.


(from left to right) #1 light brown, #2 medium brown, #3

I waited 30 minutes for it to dry.. And here what it looks like when I peeled it off.


Then I tried washing it off. The colors are still there! Ashley Tint My Brows Gel is definitely a cheap high performing eyebrow makeup! Yay! Kilay is life! ❤